How To Sell In a Quarantined World

We find ourselves in extraordinary times. How do you sell in a world where offices are closed and the world is blanketed with fear? Join Larry Levine and Darrell Amy for a five day journey to develop your mindset and skillset for success. 

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In this workshop, spread over five daily one hour sessions, you will learn:

  • How to drive effective digital conversations with your prospects and clients.
  • Strategies to keep a positive mindset in a time of fear and chaos.
  • How to conduct effective meetings over Zoom, Go-to-Meeting, Skype, or WebEx.
  • How open up open up new conversations using social channels.
  • Strategies to protect your client base even if you can’t visit in person.
  • How to be a beacon of hope and encouragement to your clients and prospects.
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Develop the skillset to drive digital conversations and online meetings with your prospects and clients.

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Become a beacon of hope and encouragement in a business world consumed with fear and anxiety.

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Interact and get encouraged with a group of like-minded sales professionals who are dedicated to selling from the heart.

Get the Skillset, Mindset, and Community To Sustain Success

To make this easy and attainable for everyone, we're packaging the specialized training you need in this season for just 3 payments of $79 a month. 

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Facebook Group

Selling From the Heart Insider Group

In addition to the virtual workshop you’ll get 90 days of free of access ($49/mth value) to the Selling From the Heart Insiders Group on Facebook. In this group, you’ll be a part of a community of like-minded sales professionals. This could a be a lifeline during this challenging season. You’ll get daily encouragement from Larry and Darrell. Every month you’ll be invited to a private Facebook live coaching session. We’ll also hear from special guests from the sales profession.

Audio Book


First 50 people who enroll get the new Selling From the Heart audiobook for free.

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3 monthly payments

  • Get the skills you need to drive digital conversations and meetings in five 45-minute training sessions delivered live or on demand.
  • Get practical action items to help keep you focused.
  • Get encouraged by Larry, Darrell, and a community of like-minded selling from the heart professionals.



The Skillset, Mindset, and Community  Tools You Need To Sustain Success In This Challenging Season


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